“I am the reflection of your dream”

A trance-like world of beauty and the female form awaits.


Glamcult contributors Julia Stoltz and Vincent Girardot have just created a magical, dreamy vision—two minutes of absolute bliss, starring Instagram queen Maya Coline. The Parisian duo known as Julia et Vincent present the short film I am the reflection of your dream, shot by Romain Boé.

Luring you in via copious amounts of glitter, a world of majestic beauty and the female form awaits—and when it’s all over, it almost feels like the whole thing was some sort of euphoric pastel-coloured hallucination.


With a rising resume that includes clients such as American Apparel, Contributor Magazine and of course Glamcult, we’re not surprised that Julia et Vincent have created yet another masterpiece. When browsing their portfolio, anticipate a dazzling color palette, eccentric art direction and a lot of tasteful nudity—we are pleased to announce that this video certainly follows in their (un)usual style.

Julia et Vincent create a contemporary aesthetic that combines the past and the future, resulting in work that can only be described as prodigious—which is exactly why we can’t stop watching I am the reflection of your dream. See it here.

Directed by Julia et Vincent
Starring: Maya Coline
Make-up artist: Ondine Marchal
Camera: Romain Boé



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Words by Lottie Hodson

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