Hutspot releases first collection and photo collab

Three emerging talent capture a brand new clothing line.

Lonneke van der Palen x Hutspot

For residents of Amsterdam and beyond, concept store Hutspot has become a matter of fact. But since being founded in 2012, the lifestyle hub has continuously kept re-inventing itself. This week, Hutspot released its first own collection of classics for women and men. The line of timeless and functional designs is based on a soft palette of earth tones: charcoal, slate blue, sage, pistache, langoustine and peach. Stressing the importance of sustainability and our social responsibility, the chosen textiles are environmentally friendly—symbolising Hutspot’s intention to further develop its sustainable approach in the near future.


Lobke Leijser x Hutspot

In honour of the first Hutspot collection, three Dutch photography talents were asked to interpret the pieces in their very own way. Glamcult contributor Lobke Leijser travelled to Paris to shoot the artist Alisa Rusakova, wearing (but not really wearing) a classic navy dress. Photographer Lonneke van der Palen took on a timeless shirt in white and baby blue stripes, creating a sensual and warm body shot. The work of young talent Passian Smit has a more documentary feel, but nonetheless communicates a stylized and pensive mood. Enjoy their works here—or visit Hutspot in Amsterdam to see them face to face.

Passian Smit x Hutspot

Passian Smit x Hutspot

Photography (top to bottom):

Lonneke van der Palen, Lobke Leijser, Passian Smit


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