HUGO embraces Berlin techno for S/S19

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Travelling from Amsterdam to Berlin this past weekend, Glamcult had a first glance at the look HUGO has in store for next summer. Setting foot in Motorwerk, an industrial hall that used to host raves and concerts back in the ’90s, the scene was set for a show and afterparty that seamlessly blended with its grimy surroundings. From the industrial trussing to the lasers puncturing the space, all things screamed club culture.

Brightening up the runway with a blinding burst of light, HUGO officially unveiled its Mixmasters collection. Worn by this season’s most-wanted faces—think: Presley Gerber, Shanelle Nyasiase and Peter Dupont, among many others—each of the presented menswear and womenswear pieces would feel perfectly at home on big-city streets.

In terms of materials, contrasts between the natural and the synthetic formed the basis of the collection. Lycra came together with denim, mesh was paired with wool, and nylon clashed with silk. Colour-wise, minimal whites and neutrals were interrupted by pops of acid yellow, pale blue, chalky pink and neon orange. Drawstring detailing and sports/workwear-inspired accessories completed the picture, as well as graphics inspired by ’90s posters and the artworks you’ll find on walls all over Berlin.

If anything, this spring/summer 2019 collection offers the ultimate look for hopping from one activity to the next. Whether you’re headed to school, work, dinner, drinks or a 24-hour rave—after all, the show came with DJ-sets from Marcel Dettmann, DJ Hell and Ellen Alien—the new HUGO look is on point for all of your favourite occasions.

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