Ho99o9 star in Dr. Martens’ autumn campaign

Tearing down the stage in style.


Remember when we introduced you to the brilliantly reckless musicians of Ho99o9? Well, the group with the seemingly impossible name—it’s really not that hard though, simply say “Horror”—is back. Teaming up with one of our all-time favourite brands, the duo currently stars in Dr. Martens’ autumn/winter campaign. And, as ever, the boys are oozing with energy and personality.

Anyone who’s seen Ho99o9 in concert knows the unbridled power that comes with their presence. From moshing and stage diving to hardcore stripteases among the audience, these boys don’t hold back a thing. When asked what defines their style, Eaddy and theOGM make their position very clear: “You can’t put us in a box. We’re so diverse and have so many elements of our personality, our look, our attitude…”

Documented on- and off-stage for the “Worn Different” campaign—which also stars rising fashion designer and Glamcult favourite Dilara Findikoglu—the punk rappers from New Jersey do exactly what Dr. Martens are made for. They make the shoes and boots their own, unite them with their standout styles, and fully use their footwear as, well… proper footwear. Have a look at the campaign here.

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