What we’re listening to after Het Lente Kabinet

Four festival acts that came and conquered.


This past weekend one of our favourite Dutch festivals made its grand return. Het Lente Kabinet, from the now illustrious makers of Dekmantel, was welcomed by the premature first day of summer, making all of its pretty dance areas a hot and sweaty affair. Following the cancellation of all flights from London to Amsterdam, headliner The Black Madonna rented a private jet in order to make it to the festival—and we get why. The magic of Het Lente Kabinet is an exercise in slowing down and speeding (way) up, both physically and musically. Impressed by their electronic ventures, here’s four acts that left Glamcult dazed and provided us with a perfect soundtrack for the coming days.

Making an early appearance on the Red Light Radio stage, Elena Colombi drew her enthusiastic crowd into an initially slow burning, but subsequently extremely violent cyclone. Deep, dark and very detailed, with faded hints of sunshine, the Italian DJ and NTS resident clashes industrial elements with vintage-referencing acid, experimental techno and ominous synths. In theory this all might sound a little heavy, but in reality it can even make machines dance. Listen to Colombi’s most recent radio show here.

We all know Jacco Gardner as the man making waves with the dream-like Cabinet of Curiosities (2013) and Hypnophobia (2015). Remember? Now transport yourself back to 2017, and—surprise—the very same artist is releasing dance tunes on Dekmantel Record. Forming Bruxas with Nic Mauskovic, the duo crafts music that’s equally hypnotic, perhaps even more so, but makes you want to get up and find a beach/bonfire and prance around. If anything, the new outfit’s debut show and first official release have us longing for more summer, more sun, more Bruxas.

There’s this commonly heard misconception about disco being only for the soft of heart. Well, that’s until you have faced David Vunk. The proud Rotterdam resident and head honcho of Moustache Records can make even ABBA sound like hell’s official soundtrack, with heaven looking on in disgusted envy. Mixing acid, electro, house and techno with Italo’s greatest and most obscure gems, the deliciously devilish DJ provided some of the festival’s most ecstatic moments. ICYMI, we’re sure this little excerpt will put a grin on your face and keep you from missing out next time.

Forever a Glamcult favourite, our love of Helena Hauff runs deeper and deeper with every set the evermore-popular DJ rolls out. ‘Rolling’ is a bit of an understatement here, because a closing slot for the German producer leaves you feeling like a train wreck. In a good way, that is. Oozing energy through a raw, radical and intelligent brew of techno, disco, acid and electro—with a strong emphasis on anything analog—there’s a brutal punk sensation to seeing and hearing Hauff perform. Putting yourself on her dance floor is like being furious at the whole world and loving every second of it. Again: in a good way, that is.

Words by Leendert Sonnevelt

Photography: Desiré van den Berg



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