The theatrical irony of Heridadegato

A mix of various ages, gender types and (art) references


Heridadegato can be literally translated from Spanish as “cat’s wound”. Caustic and evocative implications have always been present in Spanish cultural imaginary—just think of Surrealist art, the avant-garde cinema of Luis Buñuel or the sarcastic pop representations of modern life by Almodóvar. Madrid label Heridadegato and its aesthetic—which falls somewhere between irony and decoration—can definitely be inscribed in this colourful tradition.

Founded in 2012 by design/life duo Jacobo Salvador and Maria Rosenfeldt, Heridadegato is somehow chaotic yet tidy. Salvador and Rosenfeldt have found the key to mixing together different ages, gender types and references in their designs, with a few essential characteristics: deconstruction, theatrical inspirations and playful draping. Just like a cat’s scratch, the clothes are spontaneously cut and reconstructed with feline irreverence, creating something unexpected and precious.




By Ilaria Lorio Albarin

Photography: Filip Custic and Kito Muñoz

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