Hardcore cinema

Showroom MAMA takes gabber to the big screen.


Back to the ’90s! The trans-historical anime series CULTURESPORT, presented by Showroom MAMA, invites you to travel back to Rotterdam in 1995—aka the glory days of gabber. A shady scientist selects two kids from the Charlois neighbourhood to take part in his experiment and protect the city from the rising sea. Find out what happens when the twins get lured into a scientific dream study…

The pilot episode of CULTURESPORT, developed under the artistic direction of John Michael Boling, premieres at Cinerama Rotterdam on 2 April, with half-hourly screenings between 5:00pm and 7:00pm. Following the screenings, you can see Performance Formerly Known as Performance or Camouflaging Kelly by performance artist Lisa Vereertbrugghen. The artist uses the iconic gabber dance moves as a starting point to depict the relationship between camouflage and group identity. Hardcore never dies!



Get your tickets now at the showroom, at the door or make a reservation via info@showroommama.nl.



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