Hanna Putz thrives on pleasure, thought and doubt

A quick chat with the ambassador of Ace & Tate’s Creative Fund.

Hanna Putz, Untitled 77, 2016

Following our recent introduction of the Ace & Tate Creative Board, today we’d like you to meet its talented ambassador Hanna Putz. Born and raised in Vienna, the photographer grew up in a saturated artistic climate, surrounded by creative friends and family. Originally a successful model, Hanna traded that career to claim her spot behind the camera. Her photography is distinct for the use of framing and set-up, as all elements in her photos work together like words forming a sentence—never quite clear whether an image was staged or not. Glamcult caught up with the enigma for a brief Q&A.


What do you think is necessary for any artist applying for the Ace & Tate Creative Fund?

It’s good to see anything one enters as an opportunity. Even for established creatives, a renowned jury will see your work, whether you win or not is not that important. Your work is seen and people might keep you in mind, and that’s always a good thing.

What happens before any photo you take? Is there something like a mantra you like to apply?

The best-case scenario for me is concentration, pleasure, thought and doubt.

Hanna Putz, Untitled 21, 2016

Hanna Putz, Untitled 21, 2016


What do we see in your latest series?

You’ll see…

How do you keep reinventing yourself? Do you think it’s important?

I think it’s important to always question what you do extensively—not to the extent where it keeps you from trying, however—and to change position before it gets too comfortable.


Hanna Putz, Untitled F7, 2016

Feeling inspired? A creative beginner with lots of fresh ideas or a well-known artist looking for an opportunity? Whatever the case, you can still apply for the Ace & Tate Creative Fund here:


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