This fashion campaign takes Asia to Africa

The high-speed martial arts of Ground Zero.


As Asian symbols have always had a role in the signature of Ground Zero, this young fashion brand continues to explore the elements of the culture that has bred it. For their speedy Autumn/Winter 2017 collection, Ground Zero have taken the martial arts as one of the key elements to develop—and clash it with a foreign, contrasting context.


On the lookout for a setting composed of misplaced elements, Ground Zero teamed up with the fashion and creative team of Novembre magazine, Georgia Pendlebury and Florence Tetier, as well as magazine regulars Mia Dabrowski and Ethan Assouline. The outcome: a campaign set in the secluded desert regions of Senegal; the place to bring out your inner karate fighter.


In this way, Ground Zero not only keep circulating the DNA of their Asian-born brand, but also explore and re-interpret the cultural elements that served, initially, as the departing point.



Words by Alejandra Espinosa


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Creative direction: Georgia Pendlebury

Art direction: Florence Tetier

Photography: Mia Dabrowski

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