Fall in (cyber) love with Goys & Birls

The art collective reveals its debut magazine this Saturday.


Amsterdam-based collective Goys & Birls is set to present NXS: an experimental, printed publication with a unique twist. As a venture to explore ‘the self’ in the age of digital technology, each contributor is required to reflect and comment on a previous contribution. Delving into the emotional and sensual side of hardware, platforms and algorithms—anonymity, Chatroulette interaction, cybersex, love dolls—the debut issue of NXS focusses on cyber sensuality.

In a society obsessed with likes, views and follows, Goys & Birls shine a light on the very aspects that isolate us, but connect us at the same time. When experiencing reality through a screen so regularly, NXS—standing for nexus (a connection or bond)—underlines the intimate relationship we have with the tools we use.


The theme of the first issue pivots around the belief that “screens have become the surfaces of our feelings”. Jumping from “the touch of human skin to VR erotic experiences”, the creative minds behind NXS question, what does the mutated self look like? In 2017, human interaction is set to become even scarcer; with every moment captured and portrayed through visual media, people seek their comfort through digital devices. Fearlessly tackling this trend, NXS develops a chain reaction around the idea of human interactions fading into virtual bubbles. “We are experiencing that our communication has moved from a physical to a non-physical sphere.”

Reflect on the socialites of today/tomorrow this Saturday at the Amsterdam launch. Goys & Birls will provide the perfect space for reflection, with their event standing as an extended dialog of the printed publication as a “spatial and tangible experience.” Taking place at fanfare and co-hosted by the post-internet party ° c a r e ~ a url, there will be exciting treats in store. Stop by for a trippy slushy.


18 March 2017

12:00 until 21:00


fanfare, Amsterdam

Attend on Facebook





Words by Lottie Hodson

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