Go to culture camp this summer!

And may the Horst be with you.


Summertime is all about tan lines, ice cream, peaches and insects. But for those who want to get cultured in-between their sunny activities, we have the perfect break for you! In partnership with KU Leuven University, and alongside its annual festival and exhibition, Horst will stage its first ever Horst Labs—a project intending to create “a platform for experiment, co-creation and talent development” in the form of workshops, talks, shows and panels from artistic talents and leading professionals.

Set in a former military site in Belgium’s Vilvoorde, with six hectares of urban space and a few dozen warehouses, the Labs—four in total: Music, Design, Architecture and Art—aim to encourage and stimulate the next generation of creative trailblazers through collaboration and teamwork. Open to over 100 international young bright people from all backgrounds, the Lab series invites anyone with a love for arts, architecture, design, music and with motivation to contribute towards its fruition.

Coaches include the likes of Frankie Decaiza Hutchinson of Discwoman and Olaf Boswijk for the Labs’ Music edition, which aims to positively shape the world through music activism. Exploring the tension between high and low culture aesthetics through the concept of souvenir with Berlin-based design studio HelloMe is the Design Lab.

Are you mad for building things up instead? In a 10-day long workshop led by Fala Atelier’s Filipe Magalhães, Ana Soares and Ahmed Belkhodja, the Architecture Lab will result in a construction of a unique and experimental music pavilion. There will also be 3 different Art Lab sessions: unravelling rave and contemporary art with Fondazione Prada’s Mario Mainetti, urban planning and development of the festival site with Dieter Leyssen and Tabea Michaelis, and, finally, evaluating the good intentions and worst practices of contemporary art as a societal tool for dialogue with leaders Sveva D’Antonio, Jozef Wouters and Manifesta in Vilvoorde.

Getting freaky and educated at once, who doesn’t want that?!

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Words by Glamcult

Photography by Jeroen Verrecht


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