Exploring sexuality on stage

Gender b(l)ending theatre at Festival de Keuze.


If you happen to be in Rotterdam anywhere between today and this coming Sunday, be sure to check out Festival de Keuze: a gender b(l)ending and sexuality-centered theatre event. You’ll find music, talks, drinks, and a great diversity of nonconforming artists from all over the world. Glamcult highlights MDLSX and Bronx Gothic, two totally different performances taking place this weekend, which are yet similar in subject matter.

MDLSX will capture you into a raging ode to freedom, celebrating the power of becoming who you are in terms of gender, body limitations, skin colour, nationality, or sex organs. Androgynous actress Silvia Calderoni performs a coming-of-age story about a person born in the body of the other sex. She questions the standards of identity formation and shows that young people today are given more needed space to develop themselves as individuals.

Bronx Gothic will show you a solo performance by dancer Okwui Okpokwasili, who embodies theatre, dance and visual arts in one piece. Her performance is partly inspired by her own youth, set in a New York suburb in the mid-1980s. It involves two young schoolgirls and the awakening of their bodies, as they move into adulthood. On Saturday there’s an additional afternoon discussion on gender and performance.


16 until 20 March

Rotterdam (NL)


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