Glamcult’s guide to ADE 2017

Five events to shake up your week.

Boris Postma, Planet Core

Amsterdam Dance Event is certainly more than parties and losing notion of time until the sun rises—but fair enough, what’s wrong with that? Besides raving highs, ADE offers an agenda with a wide range of discussions and events for different ages and interests—many of them for free. And even though the programme is (over)crowded with good, bad and infinite choices, Glamcult highlights just a few of the events you should be looking out for. This week, unleash your inner party monster and get on the rollercoaster of the beat.

Defiant on the Dance Floor: How Nightlife Empowered the LGBTQ+ Community [DeLaMar theatre: Wednesday]

DeLaMar theatre dedicates a day to numerous panels and debates, engaging with music’s social and environmental qualities. During the afternoon, hosted by ADE Green, the LGTBQ+ community and its relation to nightlife will be on the agenda, celebrating the achievements of the last decade that were attained through a long struggle dating back to the 60s. For about an hour, the speakers—including the amazing Honey Dijon—will focus on nightlife and the important role it has played in empowering the LGBTQ+ community. This will be a short but substantial event worth attending. And of course, don’t forget to drop by other talks as well.

Fade to Mind Showcase [De School: Thursday]

Let the sound of the underground rise and embrace you on the dance floor of De School. Los Angeles record label-meets-collective Fade to Mind is set to showcase a combination of music that’ll make you wonder: “What on earth is this genre?”. If you are adventurous, eager to experience music that has no boundaries and genres that clash, then this is your night. Believe us, the darkness of De School hosting a bunch of blurry, dancing shapes will only add to the uncategorized experience, which includes a set by ballroom king MikeQ. Don’t let music be defined, but let it guide you on the spot.

Breakfast Club [Radion: Saturday]

What happens when the lights turn on and the music stops, the bass still thunders in yours ears and the beats tic-tac in your head? Amsterdam policies on nightlife are strict and make (most) clubs stop the music at 7am. But no worries, we’ve got something for you. Breakfast Club opens its doors at 7am for a Saturday party and, as its name suggests, déjeuner will be served—no one wants you to starve on the dance floor. Besides breakfast, BFC puts at your disposal three areas with an appetizing line-up comprised of experimental techno for all kinds of physical and mental states. This edition is surely full of just-baked goodies.

The Crave & Crème Organization [OT301: Sunday]

The diplomatic city of The Hague knows how to spin it and will let you seep into its scene—in Amsterdam! Taking place at OT301, this event will bring you the funky stuff that invites ravers to move their bodies mercilessly—no matter how much ADE you’ve had at this point. We’re sure this acid trip is a great way to wrap up your adventure, and the good thing is: it ends early, so you’ll still have time to catch some sleep before Monday becomes real. Thinking positive, right?

Boris Postma, Planet Core

Boris Postma, Planet Core

Planet Core by Boris Postma [Melkweg: Wednesday until Sunday]

One of the largest subcultures brings to ADE its own contribution. Hosted by Melkweg, the stage is given to the global hardcore music scene, as seen by photographer Boris Postma. The exhibition will be open to the public everyday of ADE with the aim of taking you on a tour through the development of this sonic subculture, its history and the different forms it has taken on. In case you don’t have a clue about gabber, the DJs playing at the opening night (on Wednesday) will make sure the visual message hits home a little harder.

Words by Alejandra Espinosa

Main image: Boris Postma, Planet Core


On a side note, we’d like to invite you to be conscious about your ears. Get informed about hearing protection at Hunter’s The Bar this Thursday.

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