Glamcult’s five film favourites at EYE this month

Don’t miss a second of the revolutionary ‘1968’ programme.


With so many stunning film showings, debates and talks on the programme of EYE’s ongoing 1968: You Say You Want Revolution theme, Glamcult is offering you a guide to the must-sees to ensure you won’t miss out.  Featuring film from both 1968 and modern retrospective productions, the theme not only invites you to reflect on the 1968 uprisings but also inspires you to take matters into your own hands and stand up for what you believe in.

Kicking off tonight with an exclusive preview and talks from Tracy Metz, Roel Janssen and Filip Bloem, you can dip your toes into all that’s to follow. To indulge in the very opposite of slick Hollywood aesthetics, catch John Cassavetes’ independently produced film Faces on 1 May. Perfectly reflecting the do-it-yourself movement of ’68, Cassavetes explores the concept of marriage as a prison and examined the “American way of life”. With an introduction by Jonathan Gill, author of the forthcoming Our Man in Hollywood: The True Story of Boris Morros, The Hollywood Double Agent Who Broke the Cold War’s Most Notorious Espionage Ring, this is not one to be missed.

What’s more for this week? Delving deep into the fine line between personal and political is Les amants réguliers. Fifty years after his feature film debut as a young director, Philippe Garrel, posterboy of the French New Wave, returns with a film interweaving the excitement and thrill of student revolt with the doomed love affair between young poet Francois and enchanting art student Lilie. A retrospective take on the events of ’68, this refreshing glimpse at those DIY movements will also ignite discussion on those in the modern day.

The perfect portrayal of anarchic submission? Challenging the authorities since ’68 is Lindsay Anderson’s Golden Palm-winning classic If. With Malcolm McDowell playing one of the most iconic rebels in the history of cinema, Anderson employed the medium of film to expose Britain’s class system as out-dated with McDowell leading the rebellion at a British public school. Monochrome and colour, fantasy and reality mixed into one explosive cocktail, get yourself to the EYE on 7 May for an epic cinema experience.


Channelling black magic and pushing the boundaries of the American New Wave is Roman Polanski’s classic thriller Rosemary’s Baby. Coaxing the performance of a lifetime from the great Mia Farrow, Polanski questions and challenges the line between delusion and reality, paranoia and sanity as the story unfolds of a timid wife who suspects her husband has fallen under the spell of a coven. Stylistically stunning, seductively sixties, this is one of Polanski’s finest works. Catch Rosemary’s Baby on 11 May.

From failing love to black magic, anarchic submission to student revolt, we for one can’t get enough of the EYE’s 1968-born conversation.

Glamcult EYE Louis

1968: You Say You Want Revolution

26 April until 25 May

EYE Filminstituut, Amsterdam


Check out the full programme here


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