Glamcult premiere: Herrensauna x SØDERBERG

“Come as you are. Nothing slays more than personality.”


If you found yourself glued to your screen for last week’s Boiler Room, you definitely weren’t the only one. Making their ‘Hard Dance’ debut, our friends at Herrensauna presented an unadulterated, 18+ session of pounding techno and queer ecstasy. Those watching closely may have seen hints of the project that Glamcult proudly premieres today, as the collective’s residents tore down Tresor in style—sporting embroidered Herrensauna harnesses, that is. The garments turned out to be part of Herrensauna’s collaboration with designer Richard Søderberg, which was translated into an atmospheric film that comes with a soundtrack by underground icon Héctor Oaks. Described as “SØDERBERG through the eyes and ears of Herrensauna”, watch the film and read up on the collab here.

How do the sonic and visual aspects of rave culture converse with each other?

Herrensauna: Raves have always been places where music can facilitate people to experience the freedom that they often struggle to find in the outside world. In an ideal sense, they are places where one can be their true self without having to compromise. Very often, the language of this self-expression is fashion, as it is one of the easiest ways for us to temporarily transform into something or someone we desire to be. Raves are the places where these desires become reality. That’s why we are so drawn to them and fully commit to them over and over again.

How did this collection come about? What was your role in the process?

H: SØDERBERG and us always liked each other’s aesthetics and visual identities. Richard and Nicolas have worked together on other projects before, so with time it came naturally to fuse the two worlds. To us, it was a great opportunity to bring out the depth of both platforms and expose their vulnerability and fragility—aspects that often get lost on social media. We wanted to celebrate the diversity we experience at Herrensauna events, but this time in front of the camera. As a result, the video resembles an organic compilation of artistic contributions from most of our team members. That’s what made working on this project a really nice experience for all of us. We basically did what we usually do, just using a different form of media.

And what’s the ultimate Herrensauna look?

H: Be yourself. Come as you are. Nothing slays more than personality.

Can you describe your relationship to Herrensauna? What intrigues you most about the collective and its club nights?

SØDERBERG: I think going out is a lot about energy and feeling something fresh, a sense of adventure and being emotionally free. There’s only a few places that have made me feel this way in the past and Herrensauna was one of them. Around that time, I got to know Nicolas as he was modelling for my brand, and he reflected a vibe through the clothes that I found very inspiring. From then on, we stayed together in this ongoing collaboration.

What does music mean to your design culture and creative process? Are there any artists in particular who influence what you construct?

S: I think a design process is a translation of both the conscious and subconscious parts of the mind into physical form, and music has always had this power of letting me connect with these parts of my brain in a direct way. It would be an oversight to not mention the energy I get from all my talented musician friends. Still, rather than a specific artist, my favourite genres that touch me the most at the moment are techno, trance, wave and a ‘90s vibe overall.

If you had to choose just one song or sound as the ultimate SØDERBERG soundtrack, what would it be?

RS: The influences are always liquid, but right in this moment I’m listening to Abfahrt’s Alone (It’s Me) Breathless Edit on my phone and, to me personally, it’s timeless.

Photography by Nicolas Maxim Endlicher

Film by Fritz Schiffers and Joshua Hoareau

Styling by Nicolas Maxim Endlicher and Joshua Hoareau

Music by Cadency

Models: Mikka Nielsen, Richie Shazam, Cem Dukkha, Kewin Bo and Jade Peterson

SØDERBERG by Richard Søderberg and Magda Abdel Hafith


Words by Leendert Sonnevelt

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