Glamcult announces the new Glamcult

You can now pre-order our new magazine.


After years of publishing Glamcult as the “newspaper” you know, we’re ready for something new. And by that we mean: completely new. Our upcoming issue, which zooms in on the definition of family, has been radically reshaped, exchanging our familiar format for something totally different—and yet very Glamcult.

So… what’s next? From now on, we’re diving and digging deeper than ever, resulting in a 196-page keepsake on premium paper that’s worth the quarterly purchase. Much like our content, Glamcult’s new visual identity is raw but lush, and in sync with the creative provocateurs we are honoured to call our contributors.

That includes: Kelela, Barragán, King Krule, GmbH, Anouk Kruithof, Nadine Ijewere, Anne Sofie Madsen, Ari Versluis, Priscilla Kwateng, Masha Mel, Erik Raynal, Céline Bischoff, Gilleam Trapenberg, Pinar & Viola, Lobke Leijser, Katrice Dustin, Piet Oosterbeek, Lucciana Bolivar, Jasper Rens van Es, Esben Weile Kjær, Ferdi Sibbel, Lars Brønseth, Matt King, Yaël Temminck, The Movement, Tess Yopp, Stadman Lara, The New Originals and many, many others.


The new Glamcult will be released next week.

Pre-order your issue today:

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