Glamcult and Ninamounah launch capsule collection

See the first preview of ‘Collective Unconsciousness’ here.


We’re very proud—and so excited—to present to you a brand new fashion collection by Glamcult and NinamounahCollective Unconsciousness is the first fashion project for which we join forces with the breakthrough Amsterdam label. Offering 11 limited-edition designs that are as outspoken as they are wearable, the collection’s inspiration is found in creatures—the mythical beings of the past and the radical shapeshifters of today—that are as like-minded as they are individually free. Both as distinct pieces and as a complete collection, Collective Unconsciousness can be entirely interpreted and evolved as desired.

Ninamounah is an Amsterdam-based label using biological methods to dissect the deeper layers of the cultural mantle found in fashion design. It emphasizes instinctive and experimental strengths that transcend bodily and mental conventions and constructs. Ninamounah is making the unusual usual—transgressing comfort zones in fashion and exploring human nature. The label melts, clashes and contrasts new shapes that are extremely masculine, extremely feminine and everything in between.

Our collection launch will take place at Elevastor Paris on the 18th of June, and will be available on the 19th of June at and selected retailers.


Photography: Lee Wei Swee

Styling: Ferdi Sibbel 

Hair and make-up: Carlos Saidel

Casting: Leendert Sonnevelt

Models: Alex, Arad, Chiara, Ciara, Emre, Paul, Jette (SAGE Management), Kebri (KNOWN Model Management), Marina, Maureen, Mees, Patrick, Phaedra, Robert, Sanae and Shay

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