“Stay sweet, always dress up”

Indulge in the first episode of our new Amsterdam portrait series—starring Giuliano Bolivar.


In case you missed it, last week Glamcult celebrated the launch of its big new issue. Throughout the fun-filled night we had the pleasure of capturing and chatting to four up-and-coming Amsterdam creatives. With Converse releasing their first Essentials collection this season, we joined forces and discovered fresh talent whilst delving into the idea of personal growth. First up: young style guru Giuliano Bolivar, who dreams of dressing Frida Kahlo together with her animals.

When did you realize you wanted to be a stylist? How did you make it happen?

All my childhood heroes and role models were always the best dressed of their genre. Whether it was a cartoon, a pop star, a doll, or a video game—it had to have the fleekiest outfit, long hair and a gun [haha]. Later, in my fashion design studies, it became really clear that all my design and creative processes started from a styling point of view.

 What do you enjoy most about styling?

I like that it’s like playing with dolls with your friends all over again, to be honest. The only thing that changes is that your friends are now photographers and real hair- and make-up artists, and your doll actually eats and has feelings. You can’t throw her up in the air anymore, unfortunately! I like the speed of it too, the end result is achieved much faster than in fashion design.

What’s the first thing you do or think of when you’re planning an outfit?

I always plan my outfits according to the piece I like the most. If you know you definitely need to use/wear those bomb pants, then you only need to think of bomb shoes and a bomb shirt; the rest is up to accessorizing or wearing that extra piece inadequately.

If you could style anyone in the world—past of present, dead or alive—who would it be?

Frida Kahlo, and I would make a whole story with only archive Ann-Sofie Back mixed with Christian Lacroix just to keep the drama alive. We would shoot it at La Casa Azul, her residence, with all her animals.


A while ago you posted a photo saying “dream girls look like dream boys”—why do you think a gender-neutral look is so popular within styling and fashion?

I think we’re finally acknowledging that if you’re a guy, you have a little (or a HUGE) girl percentage inside and vice versa. No one is just a guy, or just a girl. People who look the best are the people who know how to juggle that boy and that girl inside of them through style.

Who do you look up to?

People with patience ‘cause I don’t got none.

What do you believe gets better with age?


In your experience as a stylist, what can you only learn over time that you can’t be taught quickly?

Team work harmony! To find a graceful group of people in which nobody steps over anyone’s opinion is something I have noticed is hard to find and extremely valuable. It’s very important to respect each other’s crafts, art and ideologies, and even more importantly, to know how to bring things up when you don’t agree with something. Always be kind, words can be very powerful. I am myself very stubborn so it’s been a long learning process! 

If you could give your past self some useful advice on what you have learnt—what would it be?

Don’t be so afraid, stay sweet, always dress up.

Tuareg Women ? the BADDEST, and I'm not talking just bling? look em up ?

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Words by Lottie Hodson

Photography: Michelle Helena Janssen


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