Gents make guilty pleasures a thing of the past

“Decadent, emotional, romantic and nostalgic.”


As you’d expect from two Generation Y gentlemen, Gents’ synthpop sound is polished, slick and charismatic. Quite unlike being shipwrecked on a loveless island, the music of this Danish duo “sends you off on a ferry to catch rays (and a break) on the island of Ibiza, where you end up reconciling with your long lost childhood love”—smoke machines included. Romantics at heart, Niels Fejrskov Juhls and Theis Vesterløkke produce a retro dreamland comprising soft, crooning vocals paired with electronic and buoyant synthpop beats, embracing cliché as they pen lyrics against the backdrop of a gloaming sunset. 

Can you describe your overall sound in the form of an experience?

Taking a ferry to Ibiza. Meeting your lost childhood love, being overwhelmed by old feelings.

Are you romantics?

We are both very romantic. That’s why we also get along so well, both musically and as friends. We try to never feel ashamed of cheesy clichés. Eliminating guilty pleasures. Leaving only pleasure.

Would you say that your work materializes your conception of Modern Love?

Love is an ongoing theme in all of our songs. We want to paint a humoristic but also serious picture of love as it is today—in all its beauty and struggle.

Why is music such a good tool to communicate your feelings and emotions?

It’s never easy to talk about emotions and feelings. It’s very personal, but sometimes there aren’t exactly words for it.

What’s the best setting to get inspired?

Sitting on a mountain hillside, watching the sunset and getting inspired from above. Sometimes combined with a nice drink. As true artists have been doing for centuries.

How would you define a “Gent”? And how much of it is an expression of you?

We really see ourselves as being Gents. Or at least that’s one of the pictures of what we would like to be. Decadent, emotional, romantic and nostalgic.

What do you hope to evoke—or provoke—in listeners?

We always seek to offer comfort to our listeners. No one should feel alone, and it is our hope that our music can kill some of that loneliness out there in the world by, lyrically, telling people that whatever problems they bump into during their lives, everything is going to be ok.

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Words by Rebecca Nevins

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