Vaquera is causing a stir

NYC's new genderless underground cowgirls.


This young brand has only been with us for a few seasons, yet it has already caused quite the stir. Being part of the newish underground New York scene, Vaquera (that’s Spanish for cowgirl) celebrates diversity and a no-gender approach to fashion. The A/W15 collection featured street farmers and raving businesspeople transported from the ’70s, as a sort of ode to Gaia. S/S16, on the other hand, unveils a highly political agenda filled with religious and societal references.

During the wholly holy presentation, one model wore a printout portrait of Edward de Lacy Evans (born Ellen Tremayne, also known to some as Australia’s first trans person) as a necklace. Another had a train of dollar bills, much like a bride of capitalism. Little is known about Patric DiCaprio, the designer behind the brand, but one thing is for sure: he’s a master of drama and deconstruction, quickly making many true disciples.


By Iris Wenander

S/S16 collection, photography: Thomas McCarty

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