G-Star RAW celebrates diversity with new campaign

Meet its most charming male model.


Diversity, togetherness and one-of-a-kind identities; this week saw the release of G-Star RAW’s new campaign by Collier Schorr, revolving around characteristics that the world needs much more of. Pharrell Williams, supermodel Adwoa Aboah, as well as Connor Newall, the rising male model who recently got his very own BBC documentary, take on the leading roles in the autumn/winter series. Glamcult had a quick chat with the 18-year-old Connor—but before you read his answers: imagine every word being spoken in the most attractive Scottish accent you’ll ever hear.

The BBC recently released a documentary about your career. How have the responses been? We definitely have some favourite quotes, but what’s your favourite part of the documentary? 

I like the end of the documentary where I am just chatting about home and my mum, but the backdrop being New York. I like that the film crew came to film me in New York. And I really like that they filmed my family; it was great that they got to be involved in the show.

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The theme of Glamcult’s current issue is Modern Love. What’s one thing that breaks your heart? And how do you tend to fix it?

I don’t like seeing family members or someone close to me not feeling good. So I try and do what I can to help them feel better.

We understand that your dream is a career in acting. What’s your dearest movie? And which people would you love to work with?

My favourite/dearest movie is Goodfellas. I would love to work with Tom Hardy, Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci and Martin Scorsese.

If you were to choose a life motto, what would it be?

Grab every opportunity.



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