Enter the surreal labyrinth of Friends Only

In this exhibition the Internet is EVERYWHERE.

Pakui Hardware, In the Blink of an Eye

Vriend van Bavink and Friends Only invite you to experience a surreal, interactive exhibition like never before. The Internet is Present #3 is an unofficial shadow program of the Amsterdam Art Weekend, and includes over 40 international artists to explore “virtual culture and its connection to the world” through visual and performative means. Throughout the exhibition, viewers will be challenged to use their phone to scan, click and connect between the works, the artists and the themes explored—so don’t forget to bring your phone and headphones. [Just in case you’re running low on battery, there will be a charging station provided by Anna Reutinger.]


Rustan Soderling

Curated by Karolien Buurman and Florian Mecklenburg, the artists and artworks have been chosen based on their “critical approach towards a contemporary post-reality internet lifestyle”. Gaze upon creations that address our current obsession with technology and its effect on relationships, social interaction and visual culture; defying “the limitations we have created ourselves”.

Shawn Maximo

Shawn Maximo

Whilst walking through the exhibit you’ll be knocked into a shocking parallel universe where “art imitates life”, creating a virtual representation that suggests an exchange with the real world. Friends Only delves into unspecified territory as it breaks down the boundaries of the ‘white cube complex’ and banishes its viewers into a dynamic, interactive, technology-driven realm.


Molly Soda

Friends Only is a project by curators Karolien Buurman and Florian Mecklenburg in collaboration with gallery Vriend van Bavink. It is the third and final part of the exhibition trilogy The Internet is Present, an initiative by the international art collective VeryVeryContemporary.


Exhibition: 25 November until 24 December

Opening: 25 November, 5pm

Performance by Maria Metsalu at 7pm





Words by Lottie Hodson

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