French girls on fire

“We’ve never wanted to claim being a crew of girls...”

Portrait of the crew TGAF (These Gyals are on Fiyaf) for the parution in Nylon Japan

Thank God Almost Friday—nah, it’s These Gyals Are on Fiyah. At all times keeping the decks diverse and empowering for women, TGAF is a four-woman French DJ collective that rather not focuses on being an all-female collective. Hosting a monthly radio show on PIIAF, they offer an eclectic mix of house, pop, experimental, and club tracks. Already a household name in Paris, playing their gigs both separately and together, today the foursome rolls into Amsterdam.

TGAF! How exactly was the collective born? 

Oklou: Basically, TGAF was born from a misunderstanding between a radio station and Oklou. We did the first radio show together but actually, I was the only guest invited to the show. In the end, we all made the concept for a two-hour show, and they decided to give us a slot each month to keep on spreading good vibes.

What is your distinct power as a group of four female DJs?

Carin Kelly: We are often asked this question. We’ve never wanted to claim being a crew of girls because to us that’s not really important. I’ve never really been part, or at least not recently, of a “group of girls” and I think that counts for us all. If our crew can motivate others, that’s cool. To me it’s remarkable we’re all girls simply because the environment in which we operate is used to men. There are far fewer female DJs than male, like fewer female than male photographers. But here’s a fact: women today are active!

How would you describe the club scene in Paris at the moment? Where does TGAF come in? 

Miley Serious: The club scene in Paris is pretty interesting right now. I would describe it as a scene trying to stay alive on its own; we try to support each other as much as we can. Even if we come from different scenes we are like a crew, following each other, going to different parties, playing each other’s tracks. As for our radio show, we also give slots to our friends. We play what we listen to, what we like, we have guests… so TGAF is just one way to express, show, listen and broadcast this scene outside of the club.

Do the themes of your radio show stand for the diversity within your group? 

Miley Serious: To use themes is the best way to guide our show. We are four girls with the same passions but different tastes; it gives the show a certain dynamic. And we’re all super excited to know how the others have understood the theme, it works pretty well all the time.

Does each of you have their own distinct character in their sets? How do they relate to each other? 

Carin Kelly: Of course we each have our personality, apart from the fact that we have different musical tastes. We can manage quite well because our characters, I think, are complementary. Even if there are distinct tastes and we don’t all play together, it’s important for all four of us to be behind the decks. We need the presence of each one of us; some are like mentors to the others, on a technical level but also in the gestation of stress. We play and like different things, but in the end this may be the healthiest.

What would be your dream gig? What can we expect from a TGAF party?

Dream gig = dream place = dream sound system = dream dancers. This could be anywhere under any circumstance. But we all agree that we really want to play in one of those cheesy nightclubs on the coast of France sometime. That’s where we come from. Don’t expect anything, come as you are—we’re loving it.

TGAF make an appearance in Amsterdam tonight at the second edition of Still Making Art International Music Services.

By Michelle Janssen

Photo: Carin Kelly

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