Flashback: Sevdaliza at ADE

Catch a glimpse of the artist’s ‘Russian Roulette’.


Although our bodies still haven’t quite recovered, this year’s edition of Amsterdam Dance Event is already history. From party to after-party to after-the-after-party, the memories have become a beautiful blur—yet some remain crystal clear. One of those lasting recollections was given to us by our former cover Queen and forever a Glamcult favourite: Sevdaliza.

Joining forces with Red Bull Music and co-creator NSDOS, Sevdaliza presented a one-off art performance named ‘Русская рулетка (Russian Roulette)’. Set in a dimly lit industrial space with just the contours of drums, synthesizers and a grand piano showing, as well as a transparent human figure on the floor, the artist emerged in a grand black silhouette and headpiece by Dutch fashion designer Ferry Schiffelers.

What makes any Sevdaliza performance unique is, among many other things, her careful use of silence, and the way she is able to turn silence into sound. For ‘Русская рулетка’ she did just that—using vocals very sparsely within an overall delicate and ominous soundscape, created in collaboration with keyboard player Leon den Engelsen.

Another of the artist’s standout characteristics is the way she makes use of choreography and regularly dances a live duet with a solitary partner. In this case the twosome moved in macabre motion—an intimate and entwined conversation, a dance of death. And while it’s virtually impossible to conjure up the emotion conjured up by Sevdaliza in that room, you’re invited to catch a glimpse of the amazing performance here.

Photography: Olya Oleinic




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