Watch: Trigenic Flex

Exploring motion with our favourite new sneaker by Clarks Originals.


Say hey to the Trigenic Flex, one of the most remarkable products currently changing the sneaker landscape. Occupying the film studio with filmmaker Barrie Hullegie and soundscaper Sevdaliza, among others, Glamcult explored movement and contrast with this sneaker by Clarks Originals. A mixture of cutting-edge shoe engineering, craftsmanship and design, the Trigenic Flex actually syncs with the natural sequence of motion. As Glamcult discovered with professional dancers Romario and Natascha, the Wallabee-inspired shoe enhances motion while looking flawless at the very same time. Watch the film here!


Art direction: Glamcult Studio and Barrie Hullegie

Photography: Barrie Hullegie—HALAL

DOP + edit: Marlon Bos—Orfixmedia

Styling: Thomas Vermeer

Hair and make-up: Sandra Govers—Angelique Hoorn management

Dancers: Natascha and Romario

Choreography: Jeffrey Mack-Nack

Assistant styling: Lauren Roberts

All shoes: Clarks Trigenix Flex

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