Ferrari Concept is as red hot as its alias suggests

The new fashion label offering both function and fire.


You might have spotted these shades (or shirts) on super model Gemma Ward or young cult star Suzi Leenaars lately. If not, don’t miss this first chance to get to know Ferrari Concept. As timeless as the car, yet only one season young, the Berlin-born fashion label breathes “iconic” with a capital “I”.

Showing at Paris Fashion Week for the first time, designer Paige Horinek and her crew—both models and strippers—presented red leather suits, sandy knitwear and leopard prints, among others. Horinek finds inspiration in the “functional forms of the mid-century”, forms that have endured over time.



Ferrari Concept’s works are minimal, but don’t actually come across as minimal. They’re sexual, but never conventionally defined. Glamcult can’t wait to team up with the promising collective, whose afterparty with Marfa Journal was graced by the likes of Shayne Oliver, Martine Rose and Lotta Volkova. Stay tuned.


By Leendert Sonnevelt

Photography: Jonas Lindstroem

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