Feeling the ceiling

A short introduction to the artist Anne Speier.


German-born artist by way of Vienna Anne Speier (pronounced Anna) is most notably known for her large-scale black and white works, the aesthetic backdrop for exaggerated, cartoon-like scenarios. Speier’s images are caricatures of celeb patterns, making use of silhouette paparazzi cut-outs of enfants terribles such as Justin, Britney and Eminem. Or Lindsay Lohan, whose ginger locks add a warm tonality to a collage, as well as Rihanna, who is mostly captured after hours, adding nightfall’s darkness to Speier’s images.


Taking her work to a new dimension, the artist recently presented a solo show, titled Feeling the Contemporary, at the always-cool Silberkuppe gallery in Berlin. The display included three-dimensional sculptures as well as paintings, and featured a standout piece of floor-to-ceiling, stone-effect creatures, including one that was simply (but charmingly) titled Feeling the Ceiling (2015). Oh yes, we’re feeling this contemporary!


By Kelsey Lee Jones


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