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Lately we’ve seen countless fashion photographers, from Harley Weir to Inez van Lamsweerde and Vindoodh Matadin, to name just a few, venture into filmmaking. Conversely, directors including Wes Anderson, Martin Scorsese and David Lynch have been wooed into fashion, creating fashion films that stand as independent masterpieces. This recent surge in the fashion film genre, comes as no surprise if you consider that fashion is at its best when seen in motion—as demonstrated in countless films. Think of Givenchy’s fashion creations in Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) and Yves Saint Laurent’s immaculate designs in Belle de Jour (1967).

Devoting a space to this developing and expanding genre, from the third until the fourth of November, FASHIONCLASH will be hosting the first international fashion film festival in the Netherlands, featuring anything from masterclasses, screenings and workshops to installations and talks discussing the state of the art of fashion film. With a particular focus on Dutch fashion film and products from emerging and conscious designers innovating ethical fashion alongside an exclusive recap of the cutting edge fashion project Act! Cut! Play!.

The two-day FFFF event will present itself as the perfect opportunity to enlighten yourself on the manifold ways that film can skew and un-skew deceptive perceptions of fashion, inviting you to enjoy and indulge in live screenings and short films. Educate yourself on ethical fashion, gaze at fashion’s dreamy sunny side up (or mid-industry gloom) and engage in the humorous inventiveness and wry intentions of experimental filmmakers and designers that set out to challenge fashion’s static presentation formats.

There’s no better way to discover the countless pathways that have opened up and that are being explored in this medium by boundary testing designers, filmmakers and all-round creatives. So, grab your chance to join this confident, clustered bunch. Submissions are being accepted on a running basis, from now up until the first of September. Opening up the possibility to have your own cinematic creation screened during the official programme and be shortlisted for a chance at winning a big sum in awards. May we suggest: nothing ventured, nothing gained!



3 and 4 November, 2017

Maastricht, The Netherlands


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