Eytys releases Tom of Finland sneaker

The definition of “worn with pride”.


Touko Valio Laaksonen, the Finnish artist more commonly known as Tom of Finland, has long been once of the most profound influences on gay art and culture. Known for his highly stylised homoerotic art, this skilled pioneer (1920 – 1991) robbed heteronormative, homophobic culture of its greatest icons and most virile masculine archetypes—cops, bikers, cowboys, lumberjacks—and moulded them into queer monuments.


Only continuing to prove how the chunky sneaker won’t be dying out any time soon, Eytys has launched its brand new range and we couldn’t be more thirsty for what they have to offer. Taking inspiration from Tom of Finland’s staggering legacy and in collaboration with the foundation dedicated to his work, the resulting shoe is the Magnum Sneaker.

A rock and army-boot inspired canvas high-top, the boots feature four of Tom of Finland’s most iconic drawings, with their very own specially designed box to match. Perfect for the club, your standard rainy day or dancing your way through Pride, we cannot wait to get our hands on a pair of these. To celebrate this exciting collaboration, the shoes were shot in Toronto by filmmaker and artist Bruce LaBruce.


Words by Louise Goodger

Photography by Bruce LaBruce

Get your pair of Magnum Sneakers now!

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