An exclusive preview of Extra Extra’s new issue

The ‘Nouveau Magazine Erotique’ offers a cool but sensual experience.


As a special celebration of its 8th issue, Extra Extra has teamed up with Mediamatic to throw a launch party—and you’re invited. In their usual sensual style, the daring bi-annual magazine covers topics of eroticism and (youth) culture, and welcomes artists “who dare to share the sensual fantasies that can be encountered in their work and personal life.” Glamcult couldn’t wait to take a glimpse.


The 175-page publication reveals sweltering portraits and intimate interviews that narrate you “through the stories of a fiery imaginative city life.” Featuring Tom Hoare’s Musings series, dancer Shintaro Oue and Berlin-based photographer George Nebieridze, Extra Extra offers the opportunity to vicariously explore modern sensuality through its glossy pages. What’s not to love?

Of course, this isn’t just an average launch party. The magnetizing new film by Alain Guiraudie—Staying Vertical—will be premiering and an exclusive playlist created by Loes Verstappen especially for the event will be soothing your ears. Lose or find yourself with Extra Extra (and friends) next week Thursday and treat yourself to a brand new copy.



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Words by Lottie Hodson

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