Exploring summertime sadness

The passing of time as seen by Roe Ethridge.


In an intimate take on American childhood summers, photographer Roe Ethridge will exhibit his newest series, Shelter Island, at Foam Amsterdam. Shot in and around a typical American ‘kit home’ on Long Island, the pictures show a glimpse of a summer spent with the artist’s loved ones. Additionally struck by the personal belongings of the children who used to live in the house, Ethridge photographed these objects with the glossy effect of commercial photography and the intimacy of his autonomous work. The items tell traditional holiday stories (think: Coca-Cola bottles, baseball bats and kites). Shelter Island doesn’t idealize these symbols, however, but presents them as a melancholic reflection on the imminent end of the summer—familiar but uncomfortable, nostalgic yet contemporary. The passage of time and youth are distinct themes in Ethridge’s work. The artist, who was born in Miami but now lives and works in New York, aims to explore this topic further through the eyes of his offspring.


7 April until 5 June 2016

Foam Amsterdam


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