Face the future of intimacy with Next Nature Network

Is this what modern love looks like?


Technology has always been part of our lives; from the stone axe or the bearskin worn as a winter coat to, more recently, smart pills and state-of-the-art devices. Our attachment to technology seems to grow by the day, and this is only developing further. Think about it and ask yourself, where do you keep your phone at night?

Communication between people is increasingly technologically mediated. We maintain our relationships over the phone and the promise of our next loving partner is a single swipe away. In other words, technology colonizes our body, influences our behaviour and defines our identity.

Plugging into our current musings on Modern Love, Next Nature Network has curated a digital mixtape of 16 one-minute films to explore our intimate relationship with technology. The Intimate Technology mixtape is developed in partnership with The One Minutes and a selection of the series will exclusively be shown in a four-part on Glamcult. Today, tune in for the first episode: So Happy Together by Benedikt Wöppel (DE).

Set in 2041, this Charlie Brooker-esque [Black Mirror] episode presents a tomorrow where our brains are fully synced with the cloud. The film introduces Dave, from a first person protagonist point of view, whose life flashes by through a user-friendly interface as if looking through Google Glass. Dave is a nice guy, and much of his world is our world—but the single thing that differs is the fact his gaze is directly connected to a cloud-based technology.

Using hyper-commercial aesthetics, the mini movie imagines a neural implant to memorize, fast forward, overwrite, and delete every aspect of our daily lives. It’s like Keeping up with the Cyborgs in full HD. Make no mistake, as imaging technology advances and surplus data storage is on bargain sale… Google’s New Mind Uploader G9 may soon be available in our app store.

Next Nature Network is an international, future-driven nature organization that positions itself between traditional players such as WWF and Greenpeace. With various design projects, the nonprofit opens the public debate on our future—in which nature and technology are fusing.

Other projects include a speculative restaurant to explore the potential of synthetic meat, a fictional company that offers personalized sneakers crafted from genetically modified stingray leather and a smartphone app allowing you to hear WiFi.


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