Exclusive: Komono and Pierre Debusschere announce collab

And it’s coming to a festival near you.


As their influence continues to spread from Antwerp to Tokyo, Komono are now moving their presence to the festival floor. Hitting the road for some of Europe’s leading festivals with Komono On Tour 2018, the Komono Festival Booth will invite festivalgoers across the continent to embark on an exploration into music, design and art. In anticipation of this festival experience, Glamcult is proud to premiere the teaser video for the installation, directed by Belgian creative force Pierre Debusschere.


Visual artist Pierre Debusschere is no stranger to the worlds of fashion and music; having worked with Raf Simons, Vogue, Dazed & Confused and Beyoncé, among others. Continuing to make an international name for himself by letting his imagination run wild through the mediums of photography, video and (new) technology, Komono couldn’t have found a more perfect partner. Present at 8 major European festivals, festivalgoers will not only face the music but actually get invited into an interactive installation. Blending the physical and virtual world, you’ll be projected into Debusschere’s music video—and of course you get to keep it for your socials.


Both an art installation and a pop-up shop, the Komono Festival Booth is definitely not one to be missed. And while you’re there anyway, be sure to have a look at the limited-edition Komono festival collection featuring an eyewear pouch and lanyard. Visiting a whole host of stunning festivals—We Love Green in Paris, Splash! in Berlin, Best Kept Secret in the Netherlands and End of the Road in the UK, to name just a few—get ready to play the lead role in your very own Debusschere movie.

Words by Louise Goodger

Film by Pierre Debusschere

Music by coucou chloe




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