Easter talk food, music and sexual intercourse

Berlin’s most cryptic band on soy sausage and Satan.


With poetry over beats, Easter guide their listeners into soul-searching atmospheres—as well as hungry ones. Chatting to Glamcult ahead of their performance at YO! SISSY Festival, whilst cooking dinner, the Berlin-based band reveals how The Satanic Bible and The Devil’s Notebook intrigue them, and why food is practically their manager. Veiled as they might sound, Easter do constantly strike a chord through dark mundanity. “I see food being flowers, I see cheese I see more.” The duo describes its work as mustard, salsa and crispy onions—Stine would be the sausage and Max would be lompe. Eating pickles and chili-marinated tofu, Easter cryptically lift the lid on their genre-transcending work.

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We’d really like to know how Easter was born, both the collaboration and the name.

Stine: Not sure anymore, but back in the day when we did not live in the same city and got together every holiday to make stuff, we saw that the Easter holiday was a particularly creative time for us, maybe because Jesus looks so handsome and slender on the cross. Also, Easter is an anagram of Eaters.

Max: I always admired Stine’s ways of handling words and needed to find a way to use it for my advantage. You just have to press record and the gold is flowing.

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What is your work method in terms of writing poems and making music? What influences you while working?

Stine: Thinking much about this these days, now that we are in residency two weeks in France and our days so scheduled we have the studio everyday 10-19 with two technical assistants. Getting up at 9 taking the train to work, having an hour lunch at 13 and packing up and going home at 19 to eat dinner and unwind with Game of Thrones. It’s interesting how different this is to our usual approach with a home studio, when work and leisure and food float into each other. I can’t say yet what is the better method for us, as we have only been here for three days, but I definitely like the variation and since my way of working is always happening when I’m forced to and not by inspiration, this might be the way. Shout out to Music Board Berlin for this great opportunity

Max: On our first day of the residency I bought an epilator. I never felt like this before. I know it will change my life and consequently our work.

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How did you grow up?

Max: I was born at the West end of the Berlin S5 train. The abandoned hospital is always worth a travel. My parents fled the country before the wall came down and I came of age in the West German province watching movies with my brother and biking to McDonald’s for a chocolate donut. Moved gradually back towards my extended family over time, until eventually arriving back in Berlin.

Stine: I grew up in the suburbs outside Oslo, walking dogs and horses and burying dead mice.

Could you describe each other in four words?

Stine: Modern. Clean. Devoted. Brilliant.

Max: Androgynous. Childlike. Homosexual. Cool.

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What is most important for you to explain or express through music?

Stine: I always wanted to make music that could make someone cry and at our last show in Berlin a good friend of mine said that she did at some point during the show.

Max: It’s important to stay interesting to yourself. Naturally our path will take many a turn. I always had an aversion towards the obvious. Hence my conflicted relationship to sexual intercourse. I mean, how obvious can you get.

Easter will make an appearance at YO! SISSY FESTIVAL, taking place on 29 and 30 July in Berlin. Get your tickets now.


Words by Michelle Hèlena Janssen

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