Duran Lantink brings his world to Lente Kabinet

Meet the first artist lined up for our festival collab.


Glamcult is proud to announce the first visual artist to exhibit work and add his own flavour to the festival scene at Lente Kabinet 2018: conscious, ever-questioning fashion designer Duran Lantink.

Known for his affinity for exploring the beauty of diversity, it is this diversity that drives and fascinates the designer in all he creates: “I find it at train stations, subways, buses and so on… I can wonder around for literally days.” Drawing from an infinite toolbox of techniques and fabrics to symbolise all layers of society, Duran’s collage-like designs are both refreshingly honest and unceasingly conscious.


However, it is in Duran’s ongoing partnership with photographer Jan Hoek that the designer has truly been given the opportunity and freedom to come into his own, and translate his myriad of cutting-edge ideas into a reality. Their recent project, working together on the campaign for Museumnacht Amsterdam 2017 was a storming success, providing this pair of visionaries with the opportunity to both worship art on the one hand and play with it on the other.

Duran continues to create groundbreaking designs and shows with collections. Nevertheless, his multi-disciplinary Sistaaz of the Castle projects remains one of the designer’s most lauded efforts and very dear to his heart: “It is an honour to work with the Sistaaz. Over the years, Jan and I have built a strong relationship with the girls and they are step by step bringing us deeper into their world.”

Highlighting the colourful looks of South African transgender sex workers on the streets of Cape Town, the collection searches for the DNA of “streetwear”. A large-scale project—among others shown at Amsterdam Fashion Week with over 60 models and several disciplines combined into one piece—the collection uses different recycling methods and collage techniques, continuing to illustrate the designer’s ability to create stunning designs: awake and ever-questioning.


Moving from strength to strength and with a seemingly infinite supply of cutting-edge conscious concepts in his artillery, we cannot wait to see what Duran has in store. Get yourself to Lente Kabinet to find out.

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Words by Louise Goodger

Photography by Jan Hoek

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