Dior collabs with artist Mat Collishaw

See his revamp of the Lady Dior bag here.


Opening its first London flagship store last June, Dior commemorated the event by employing artist Marc Quinn to redesign the iconic Lady Dior handbag. Six months later, this challenge has evolved into the Dior Lady Art Project. Taking place from 29 November until 10 December, the project is a venture to further develop the accessory, recruiting six American and British artists to reinterpret the (in)famous design.

First in line to produce an array of limited-edition leather accessories is British creative Mat Collishaw, a contemporary artist who embodies a multidisciplinary skill set and whose output boasts installation, video work and photography. As an individual who is fascinated by themes such as life and sexuality, the visual artist has now shared his colourful universe exclusively with Dior.

With a passion for nature and a meticulous eye for detail, Collishaw has created a bold revamp of the classic 1995 design—including two large, colourful butterflies of contrasting colours. See the pretty results here, and stay tuned as six other artists work their magic for the Dior Lady Art series.


Read more about the Dior Lady Art Project here.




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