Different Class is Belgium’s rare festival treat

Subbacultcha and 019 present a dream line-up.


In the past few years, music platform Subbacultcha and the artist-run, concert-meets-exhibition space 019 in Ghent have teamed up and roamed the sonic wastelands to present emerging and unbridled music talents of the 21st century. In a few days, they’re once again presenting an intimate and gem-packed landscape vast enough for any city dweller to seek sonic refuge. Set to unfold an origami of sounds featuring rising Belgian artists and home-grown talents alongside international acts on the 26th and 27th of August, this is going to be a weekend you don’t want to wrap up.

The festival formerly known as Wastelands has aptly been renamed Different Class, to give definition to a category of cutting-edge artists that are going against the grain and producing advanced sounds echoing a call for divergence. With a cherry-picked shortlist including artists that reportedly want to shift where “normal” is.

Different to usual, this year’s terrain includes an outdoor space that’s free for all to move through the day with furious abandon (in a good way) to discover the electronic sound designs of local DJ acts UNOS, Icy Fake and Black Mamba. The indoor stage will present global music talent—think: GAIKA, SMIB, Kedr Livanskiy, Marching Church, Vaal and SupAfly Collective—set to orchestrate collateral damage or a transcendent experience, making this event a rare treat. Access to this area—the kind that induces you to let go—is exclusively open to ticket holders. So, secure your come rain or shine pass to a weekend filled with encapsulating soundscapes. Still don’t know what to make of it? We’ll run it through with you once more: act by act.

Mechanical ferocity + hyper-realism = GAIKA

Electronic maximalism + swirling melodies = Kedr Livanskiy

Collective brilliance + lyrical hip-hop magic = SMIB

Belgian triptych + dark, brooding eeriness = Vaal

26 and 27 August

019, Ghent


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Lead image by Guillaume Blondiau



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