Dekmantel delivers visionary Makam video

A hypnotic mix of Dutch ballet and electronic dance music.

Video still from the Mai Pen Rai music video.

Dekmantel Records has proudly unveiled a fresh new album and music video by Makam. Uniting with notorious dance clique House of Makers (Dutch National Ballet), and directors Mr. Boonstra and Bas van de Poel, indulge in the beautiful monochromatic vision of Mai Pen Rai—meaning: everything will be alright. Breaking through the brinks of generic music videos, the acclaimed team combines electronic dance music with ballet—taking you on a hypnotic journey while the soulful story unravels in an audible delight. Glamcult caught up with Makam.

For the making of the video for Mai Pen Rai, you teamed up with House Of Makers. What inspired this decision and what was their role?

The Dutch National Ballet’s role was to create choreography for the dance in the video. I liked the fact that Dekmantel, Ewoudt Boonstra and Bas van de Poel wanted to ask House of Makers to feature in this music video so of course I gave them the freedom to do so—I strongly believe that people achieve most in their work if you let them do their thing.

Electronic music isn’t regularly associated with ballet. What is it about these (seemingly) opposing art forms that you think complements each other?

In both disciplines, dancing is an essential part. I like that this creates a link, especially because the music on my album is not the typical “dance” music you see/hear around. I think this music is not specially made for ballet, but the dancers are top quality. That’s why it works really well.


What was it about Mai Pen Rai in particular that made you want to make a video to go alongside it?

This decision was actually made together with Dekmantel. We also thought about making a video for my Seven Kings track, but of course the hardest thing is to choose just one. Mai Pen Rai is full of different, rich elements, which lend themselves very well for visual expression.

How did Dekmantel, as well as the directors, get involved with the making of the video? Are you an admirer of their work?

Dekmantel Records is releasing the album so that connection is obvious. Together we fully trusted Mr. Boonsta and Bas van de Poel, they presented the idea for this music video and we immediately fell in love. All credits for the idea of this video go to them!

What’s the meaning behind the title Mai Pen Rai? What’s the song about?

‘Mai Pen Rai’ means ‘everything will be alright/ no worries/ take it easy’ in Thai. It’s also the name of a bungalow on Than Sadet beach—which is the name of my full album.

Watch the full video here!



Words by Lottie Hodson

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