Daily Paper ties bonds with Loco Dice

“I just want people who are open-minded to be wearing it.”  


Tunisian DJ and producer Loco Dice and Dutch streetwear label Daily Paper have teamed up for the release of what’s about to be the next street staple. With a limited-edition release featuring Daily Paper’s signature tape logo on the sides in the colours of Loco Dice, the close friends are bringing disparate worlds together in a tracksuit. Glamcult caught up with the hip-hop-meets-dance artist at last weekend’s release party to find out how his world crossed with that of an Amsterdam label.

How did the collaboration with Daily Paper come about?

I’ve been following Daily Paper on Instagram for a while and loved what they were doing. My tour manager Mark, who comes from fashion, happened to know the guys behind the label and suggested I met up with them. One thing led to the next, we started talking and it grew into a friendship. We hung out a lot but never with the intention of creating something. It happened quite spontaneously. One day we just thought: “Hey, shouldn’t we create a collab?” They knew I was a huge fan of their tracksuits and so we started from there.

What was the inspiration behind the design?

I have a Tunisian background and I come from hip-hop. The tracksuit reminds me of the way we used to dress back in the day. Now, it’s grown into a trend. It’s everywhere, from Paris to Amsterdam and Berlin. Although heavily inspired by the hip-hop scene, people who have no affiliation with hip-hop at all are dressing up in athletic streetwear: tracksuit bottom, a Real Madrid sweater on top—just easy. It’s about breaking the rule. For me a tracksuit is connected to my roots, where I come from. That’s why I wanted to do something with it.

What connection does your music bare with fashion?

It’s a form of release. I don’t like to live in a small world; I’m fortunate enough to travel all around the world and I love being able to feel like I’m free. I believe it’s also important that your mind is free. So, I don’t just want to stick to one thing. Hip-hop is me, that’s where I come from. Electronic music is what I’m doing and it’s what I love doing. And fashion has always been a part of me. I’ve started paying more and more attention to what I wear and how I can combine certain clothes without losing who I am or having it look too dressed. It has to be yours. However, music will always be most important in everything I do. 

What’s the gist on the release? How many are you thinking of supplying?

There’s a very limited amount being made. I wanted it to be supplied in small quantities to keep it exclusive and very underground. If people dig it, they deserve to get hold of the items without having it become this big thing where everyone starts walking around in it.

Who would you like to see decked out in the tracksuit? 

My friends, worldwide—it’s a family thing. Even those that aren’t really into Loco Dice but still love the tracksuit. I just want people who are open-minded and free in thought to be wearing it. These people are the ones I want representing my brand and my clothing.

Are you hoping to collaborate on more projects in the near future?

Honestly, I found this project to be just as much about the collaboration as it was about the product. I enjoy working with partners because it enables various creatives and interesting people to come together and create something crazy or unusual, especially when they come from two entirely different worlds. As long as the people I work with understand what it’s about…


Get your hands on the Loco Dice x Daily Paper collaboration here








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