Coming home with EYCEE and Texas Schiffmacher

MADE.COM celebrates Amsterdam’s nightlife talents.


Tomorrow morning, when Amsterdam Dance Event officially gets rolling, MADE.COM will open the doors of its peaceful party retreat. Right in the heart of Amsterdam, the design platform is offering you a serene spot to escape the overcrowded clubs when the festival fever becomes a little (too) much.

Celebrating our hometown’s young nightlife icons, MADE.COM has carefully selected five artists to star in its  ‘Coming Home’ campaign—which will be fully shown on location. But before you get to Rokin 75, Glamcult here introduces you to two of the featured talents and their very own natural habitats.

How exciting is it to seize every given opportunity? Meet Texas Schiffmacher: a so-called Jack of all trades, master of none. The all-round creative can be best described as an artist with a focus on analogue photography and lover of any throwaway, undervalued interior items. She shares a renovated working-class home in an old Jewish neighbourhood with her partner, of which the central location comes in handy after one of her nightly adventures in the local bar—a place that feels just like home.

For Texas, ‘coming home’ is being able to recharge both mentally and physically due to a feeling of familiarity. Her interior is an experimental reflection of her passionate energy and personality, where western elements meet mid-century vibes in a retro-hued environment. Think: the Jargo rug in burnt orange and the Aura shade in green and copper. As a true visionary, Texas dreams of decorating a modern-day home in Palm Springs with her oh-so-loved interior styles and earthy tones. For now, she creates homeliness and takes the vibrant embrace of the night into her own little Amsterdam-based cave. The all-rounder lives life to the fullest and enjoys every moment of it. When arriving at her place, she consistently turns on the lights, music and incense. She closes her Julius curtains and shuts down her home from the outside world—to continue an intimate party inside.

EYCEE took his childhood passion for music from zero to hero. Nowadays he’s a well-known producer and DJ who recently founded one of the latest additions to Amsterdam’s clubbing scene: PROOF. With a no-bullshit approach, the artistic talent creates the possibility for people from different (sub)cultures to come together and explore their love for music while… dancing.

EYCEE practises what he preaches. His eclectic interior is a combination of music, self-expression and a variation of styles. It’s a sacred place in which he surrounds himself with a curated collection of personal items. An original sofa and chairs from his parents’ restaurant are enriched by plants and the classic design of the Haywood coffee table in walnut and black. Making sure his apartment captures a feeling of comfort and privacy was a priority for the producer and DJ, EYCEE believes that ‘coming home’ is a combination of his Adidas slides, Netflix and being able to recharge for the hustle that is yet to come. But it’s not all about intimacy and comfort. EYCEE living space is combined with a small studio in which many a night is spent. MADE’s minimalistic Yoko sofa bed is ideal for the smaller set-up of this space. This spot is perfect to lounge on and serves as an ideal occasional guest bed for his international guests.

Meet EYCEE and Texas at MADE.COM X ADE

17 October – 21 October

Rokin 75, Amsterdam

Free entrance!


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EYCEE & Texas @ Bureau Punt by Tim Buiting


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