Come face to face with the State of Fashion

This must-see exhibition redefines the meaning of “luxury”.


When you look at the world around you and our future, it’s undeniable that things need to change. However, in fashion this responsibility has often been shunned in favour of aesthetic—two worlds which, until now, seemed impossible to come together. While most actors might agree that our society has to develop in more sustainable ways, it’s only recently that these industries have begun to acknowledge and develop solutions. State of Fashion, the quadrennial must-see fashion exhibition in Arnhem [NL], aims to fuel that change.


Focussing on the ways in which we produce and consume clothing, shoes, accessories and other textiles, State of Fashion—the largest scale international public event entirely devoted to sustainable and honest fashion—is not only changing the way in which we approach fashion and the production of textile but our lifestyles as a whole. The all-round programme, taking place between 1 June and 22 July in the stunning Melkfabriek, showcases around 50 projects exploring new definitions of fashion, new definitions of luxury. It not only addresses the production of clothes, shoes and accessories in socio-economically sustainable manners but also the bigger, sustainable patterns of consumption and use.

Curated by professor José Teunissen, Dean of the London College of Fashion, State of Fashion features presentations by both large-scale fashion houses and emerging designers. Think: Vivienne Westwood, Stella McCartney, G-Star RAW, Zegna, Bruno Pieters, Osklen, Rafael Kouto and Iris van Herpen, among many others.

Much more than an exhibition, State of Fashion hosts talks, debates and presentations every Friday in the interactive Whataboutery, addressing issues such as the challenges and opportunities of integrating electronics and interactivity into textiles. It proves what many of us have been thinking for far too long—that we simply cannot keep continuing down the same path of overconsumption and ignorance—and formulates knowledge on these negative aspects of fashion into something positive, finding and immaculately presenting a solution.

If you’re passionate about fashion and care about our future: join this radical search for the new luxury. On until the end of July, you truly have no reason to miss State of Fashion.


State of Fashion 2018

1 June – 22 July

De Melkfabriek, Arnhem [NL}

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Words by Louise Goodger

Campaign photography by Barrie Hullegie

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