Say hello to this summer’s hottest sunglasses

Ace & Tate teams up with CMMN SWDN for a limited collab collection.


As surprised as we were by the week of summer we just had? Well, next time be prepared! Glamcult is excited to reveal the long-awaited collab of Amsterdam-based eyewear brand Ace & Tate and the design duo / menswear label CMMN SWDN. Continuing the Swedish brand’s exploration of urban youth subculture and the complexities of coming of age, the designs are innovative and fresh while integrating the elements of ’90s rave culture that we all know and love.


The collection consists of three acetate and three metal frames that truly encapsulate that clean, minimalist and fun aesthetic Ace & Tate has become synonymous with. With the names of the frames—‘Pris’ and ‘Neo’—taken from characters found in Bladerunner and The Matrix, they take the current trend of Sci-Fi minimalism to a whole new level.


While aesthetically cutting-edge, there is also a clear romantic throwback and nostalgia to the designs, extending on CMMN’s recent collection of retro futurism. With a film and accompanying campaign shot by Vitali Gelwich in Berlin, the bare urban setting gives the whole story a dystopian and heartachingly transient feel. One thing we know: we can’t wait to get our hands on these.


Words by Louise Goodger

Photography by Vitali Gelwich


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