Clock off with fashion newcomer MR. SATURDAY

“I was just throwing parties and making some clothes.”


Joey Gollish is a skittish and benevolent character. He’s the MISTER of his brainchild MR. SATURDAY, a “post-traditional luxury brand” creating ready-to-wear pieces for the rather discerning gentlemen of the 21st century. Joey truly embodies his customer; a man who’s always on the go, professionally undercover in the workplace but a superstar at night.

“I was just throwing parties and making some clothes,” he nonchalantly professes as we converse over FaceTime as he speaks to me from New York on business. Joey worked in tech before founding his label two years ago, and it’s apparent in the way he conducts himself he majors in business; assertive, talkative and calculated.

MR. SATURDAY is far removed from this realm, establishing his moniker from friends. “I originally took it on as a joke, but it evolved into the best version of myself, the freest version and that’s what it manifested to; the freest version of anyone.” He tells me the brand’s identity is about “destroying and breaking down the barriers of time as narrative” taking a “point in history and contextualise it for today” in the form of simple but considered garments.

Nightlife is paramount to Joey and it’s intriguing to hear the references and research that went into his recently presented collection. LE PALACE BY MR. SATURDAY pays homage to the legendary Parisian club frequented by the likes of Mick Jagger, Roland Bathes and Yves Saint Laurent. “It represented freedom in a way that didn’t exist, when it existed, and that freedom contributed so directly to the freedom of our societies today”.

Le Palace, according to Wikipedia, was a place “where fashion, music, and underground culture intersected in a mythical blend”. Joey reiterates this diagnosis within good reason, as “those cultures always integrate people from so many different classes—whether it’s super upper class, the government and even tastemakers on the lowest levels”.

Translating and commercialising such a place may seem like a daunting conquest, but MR. SATURDAY ticks all the boxes for Grailed lovers, replicating original club typography as prints and patches on parkas, jackets and jeans; the cheekiest of homage’s being a ‘a coat check’ leather tag to be clipped on belts, bags or ear lobs will certainly flex some club swagger. The clothes are proudly produced in Canada and a complete sell-out, worn by the likes of J. Cole, G-Easy and even Sylvie Grumbach.

If anything, MR. SATURDAY understands his nocturnal clientele, and that’s what matters. A little party never killed anybody, right?

Words by Lawrence Harrison

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