You’re invited to ‘Cinema Erotica’

EYE Amsterdam presents a thrilling cinema of longing.  

Contes immoraux, 1973

As a hailing ode to sensuality, lust and the dark backroom to it all, EYE Film Institute will be offering a fully packed multimedia theme this June during the ongoing event Cinema Erotica. Get ready for an array of erotic films dug out from EYE’s own archive, as well as contemporary visuals, arousing music performances and exciting talks.

Spread across three weeks, old and new art house films from the likes of Andy Warhol, Marina Abramović and Melanie Bonajo to Samira Elagoz’ screened performance Cock, Cock, Who’s There? will be presented alongside a collection of films from the 70s, bringing back the days when sexual desires first spilled out onto the big screen.

Artists, filmmakers, performers and fellow contemporaries will all be investigating the explicitness of the—somehow—still secretive and poetic world, extending from the languish of the female figure to pornography as an art form. Get to see the first ever film to capture the enticing pleasure of a female orgasm, followed by a virtual reality film in which seven women musingly map out the naked male body. Explore the depths of the seductive Japanese erotica scene through a tasteful mix of image and musical fragments, and hear out some interesting reasoning behind the puzzling allure and sexual appeal of nuns and nurses in soft-porn stills.

To fully immerse you into the world of pleasure and desire in the coming month, Glamcult and EYE have teamed up to bring you arousing, reflective and fantasy-stimulating content. In June, our digital platform will be entirely devoted to Erotica, covering the captivating installments at EYE and its cinema of longing. So keep your eyes pealed…


L’Empire des sens, 1976

1 until 19 June

EYE Film Institute, Amsterdam


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