Cindy Sherman in Berlin

The one and only selfie goddess.


Although the genius of legendary chameleon Cindy Sherman shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, a little reminder certainly can’t hurt. The rise of the one and only selfie goddess began in the ’70s, when Sherman’s cinematographic portraits of herself as a villain, hausfrau and sex symbol caught the eye of the art world. Since then, her work has spun into numerous pastiche-like dimensions, with everything from grotesque fable creatures, Botoxed unreal housewives and nightmarish clowns forming the subjects of her photographs. Cindy Sherman—Works from the Olbricht Collection features 65 of these motifs, carefully selected from the artist’s awe-inspiring oeuvre, including her first series, Untitled Film Stills, and her most recent, Society Ladies. Because of her adoption and dismantling of stereotypes, the way she played with power and challenged the male gaze, Sherman should unquestionably be considered one of the most significant artists in modern history. And we, for one, can never get enough Cindy.


Until 10 April

me Collectors Room, Berlin

By Iris Wenander

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