How to reverse the standards of ageing

Chromosome bases its fashion on a non-understanding of fashion.


Chromosome: a fashion concept fostered out of the necessity of a small group of people to launch to the market a series of novel ideas that fall away from most common standards. First up, the usual standards of ageing are subverted, as the elderly or “anti-fashion characters” become Chromosome’s brand image, as do small boys appearing as models in their powder-pink lookbook.

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Here’s a real (and great) case of age dysphoria. The designers are most interested in the people whose social values are not identified within the fashion realms, as well as the non-understanding of fashion by these people. Their authentic simplicity and their essence are found to be charming. Clothing the elderly, for the young, this artistic brand project is all about an essential message: getting old does not prevent us from being unique and special.

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By Kelsey Lee Jones

Photography: Napolafar

Models: Marcos Soria and Sophie

Produced by Chromosome

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