“We live in a man’s world”

Cherry Glazerr divulge the dangers of Trump.


With a recent revamp of their sound and line-up, Cherry Glazerr bring out their big new album today. Having gone from “zero to ten in terms of musicianship”, the LA-based trio have been working hard on Apocalipstick, an outspoken album that doesn’t pull any punches. Meeting these experimental musicians on the day we all discovered the fate of America, they were—understandably—low in spirits. With the interview kept on our digital shelf for Inauguration Day, today we let the band poor out their broken hearts. “It’s not a fucking fad, it’s not a joke. It’s serious.”

Could you tell us a bit about the making of Apocalipstick?

Clem: We made it with Joe Chiccarelli [Elton John, Beck, Frank Zappa], who produced our record alongside Carlos de la Garza [M83, Tegan and Sara] and it was a great experience. They brought some really cool ideas to the table. We basically recorded it in ten great days—in a beautiful, awesome studio full of energy. The room we recorded in had been used by loads of amazing musicians so that was cool.

What is the difference between Apocalipstick and your previous releases?

Clem: It’s the next chapter; we’ve grown and progressed as songwriters and as collaborators, there’s a match and a beautiful energy between the three of us that has grown stronger over time. It was really fun and we are making a lot more music now.

How has the band changed now that Tabor and Sasami have joined?

Clem: They are much better musicians than the previous members, infinitely better. The other members of the band were just my friends; these guys are real musicians. It’s gone from zero to a ten in terms of musicianship—I used to be the best player in the band and now that’s a fucking joke because I’m no professional.

Told you I’d be with the guys deals with sexism and you (Clem) realising you need to rely on more females. Could you elaborate on this?

Clem: Yeah, it’s about female solidarity and women helping women. I can’t even talk about that now because of the news today; it’s completely fucked up. Hillary Clinton didn’t win because our country is so sexist. It’s really, really hard to accept that and I feel it so personally right now. It’s not a fucking fad; it’s not a joke. It’s serious—women need to help women, we need to defeat the patriarchy that is ingrained in all of our heads. We all have that inherent sexism because that’s what has been ingrained in us since birth. I don’t know where to start with trying to dismantle it but it’s gotten to a whole new low. We live in a man’s world and today I was shown that in a really aggressive way.

What about the video that accompanies the track?

Clem: Riley Blakeway directed it and we worked on the concept together. It’s whatever you want it to be; I have my own ideas about what it means in a metaphorical way but I like people putting their own interpretation on the art that we make, that’s what makes it universal. It’s not one concrete thing. I don’t want to dictate it, so if I say one thing it’s going to discount all the other things that it stands for.

Lots of your songs have a strong element of humour to them, such as Trash People. Do you think humour is important in music?

Clem: Today is the only day I haven’t felt humorous in my whole life. It’s a really weird and serious day for us today.

Sasami: Honestly, humour will definitely be a tool that’ll help us get out of this situation. It’s important to get sad and to get angry; those are really important emotions to have. Humour is just another one on the spectrum.

Clem: Exactly, where there is lightness there is darkness.

Sasami: It’s very confronting because we always talk about how we live in this liberal bubble. In reality we are such a minority in the thinking process of the greater population of our country. On a day like this, it’s very confronting.

Clem: Trump is going to change the structure of our government in a way that prevents any type of change for a long time; it’s kind of like going back 250 years. It doesn’t seem real. The racist, sexist, classist, male patriarchy won today. This sickness is so prevalent in our country and it just ate everything up. It’s scary as a woman to think that abortion might become illegal—things are going to be slowly taken away from us.

Sasami: We’ve had this luxurious freedom our whole lives so imagining it being taken away is just very hard…


Cherry Glazerr’s Apocalipstick is out now!




Words by Lottie Hodson


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