Charlotte Tydeman knows how to work your body

Gender politics and fleshy fashion.


With our New Fashion Perspectives exhibition opening in Amsterdam in just 10 days, Glamcult proudly introduces the designer gracing the campaign image: Charlotte Tydeman. The work of this British talent is all about feminism. For her very spongy graduate collection, Tydeman was inspired by dream catchers and—surprise!—abstracted them into a collection for fantasy women.

What’s the story behind your graduate collection, A woman like me?

The collection I created centred on the objectification of the female body through artwork and pin-up imagery during the 1950’s. I printed and painted sponge to sculpt exaggerated forms and combined them with overtly feminine textiles.

The expo is divided into a number of themes, with your work being shown in Body Politics. How do you think this theme will develop in the near future?

Bodies are now more visible then ever, we are more conscious of our own and of others. I hope the conversation within fashion will become less critical and we all start to engage with how female bodies are being represented versus the reality for actual females.


How do you feel about the current state of fashion?

I don’t reject the current system, but I have no interest in working within it. I know the way I create clothes couldn’t exist commercially and I enjoy working in a more intimate way and at a slower pace.

What’s the biggest challenge for you as an emerging fashion designer?

Money is the largest obstacle for most emerging business, but other than money I find the nature of fashion to constantly create new work and still stay true to your identity quite challenging.

If there were just one thing you want people to remember about your work at the exhibition, what would it be?

I only hope that incites some sort of intrigue or stirs peoples curiosity. I know its taboo in an exhibition but I would like people to have the urge to feel and engage with the materials.


The work of Charlotte Tydeman is on show at New Fashion Perspectives between 15 and 24 April at Looiersgracht 60, Amsterdam.

Photography: Masha Mel


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