Cecile B. Evans divulges a quirky parallel universe

Questioning the relationship between humans and technology.

What the Heart Wants (still), 2016, HD video, 41:05

For the first time ever, media artist Cecile B. Evans is exhibiting in the Netherlands. Taking over the entire second floor of De Hallen Haarlem, Evans has remodeled the area into a zany, alternative space for you to immerse and indulge yourself in her weirdly wonderful creations. Following her premiere at the Berlin Biennale, Evans’ work has received raving reviews—quoting What the Heart Wants as one of the apogees of the event.



Evans is (in)famous for her peculiar and somewhat uncanny creations—encouraging viewers to consider mysterious concepts is an important part of the process. Refusing to do interviews regarding this work, Evans provides minimal information and is keen for you to think for yourself, discover and interpret her work with an open mind.

In this case, What the Heart Wants is a venture concerning the relationship between humans and technology, presenting the idea of a world in which the natural and the digital merge together to “anecdotally resemble our present world”.

Although often interpreted with numerous cliché motives, Evans uses her multi-media background to put an astute and provocative twist on the subject. Using “reality to create fiction”, you will be transported to a future, parallel universe where you will be provoked to question the motives of technology and its relationship with mankind.

The film What the Heart Wants was co-produced by the Frans Hals Museum / De Hallen Haarlem, and will be purchased by the museum for its collection. Take a look at one her older works, Hyperlinks or it Didn’t Happen, here.

24 September 2016 until 8 January 2017





Words by Lottie Hodson

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