The mad splatter: meet Fergus Polglase

“Painting has probably made me cry a few times.”

Wiggling through with Nazif Lopulissa

The Stadsstukken ’19 artist is reimagining the playground.

Queer (witch)craft with YaYa Bones

“Just like I am genderless, I am also genreless—in a constant fluid flux.”

How to survive art school…

As told by KABK’s class of 2019.

It’s LaChapelle, bitch!

“The desire to stay relevant or popular is the death of art.”

Eye to eye: KOMONO x Antwerp fashion graduates

The eyewear brand reveals collab with the Royal Academy of Fine Arts.

Actress talks love, opera, AI and politics

Ahead of his debut at Holland Festival, Glamcult meets the acclaimed producer (and his alter ego).

Succumb to David Wojnarowicz’s emotional art universe

In a world saturated with imagery, can art survive as a reflection of one’s own meaning?

Ena Sendijarević will take you somewhere nice

“When I have a bad day, I just think of Britney Spears being bald.”

Meet boundary-breaking dance duo THEY/THEM

“We enter a white space and fill it with an unapologetically black voice.”

In conversation with Avant Arte

“Here lies the opportunity to use the fashion mindset as a way to get people involved with art.”

Horst brings all art forms to your festival experience

Belgium’s best festival unifies a lab, an exhibition and a three-day dance craze.

Tyler Mitchell makes us feel so damn good

The young visionary declares a black utopia in his first solo exhibition.

Rise up with Lafawndah and Random Studio

The artistic pairing destabilizes the line between the physical and the digital.

Simon says stop!

Celebrate and/or question your online life with multidisciplinary artist Simon Freund.

Search and destroy with sculptor Laura Catherine Soto

“That act of focusing and running my hand through piles of rocks, it stills everything spinning in me.”

“Fishing for Freedom”

Gösta von Platen conjures up the sun with a visual essay on modern spiritualism.

In conversation with Daniel Arsham

“I make work for the current view.”

“Ghosts don’t walk in straight lines”

A conversation with Saskia de Brauw and Vincent van de Wijngaard.

Welcome to ‘2222’

Face the future in a short film by Indiana Roma Voss.

In conversation with Walter Pfeiffer

The cult photographer talks boys, fashion and (the definition of) beauty.

Pornceptual explores the utopian potential of sex

“Experimenting isn’t about trying everything, it’s about understanding that there are more options available.”

Turn off your phone: IFFR ’19 is here!

You can’t have diversity without unity.

Revel in Rotterdam’s club culture

Museum Rotterdam is spotlighting three decades of party people.

Embody: our Berlin exhibition in snapshots

Glamcult and Ari Versluis teamed up for a one-night event at Space_31.

“Second Life”

Visual artist Marilyn Sonneveld defies fast fashion through art.

Ready to Rewire?

Yves Tumor, Nicolás Jaar, Lotic and a ton of other acts join the 2019 festival line-up.

Six Feet Under

Hell, sex, nature and technology—this new ‘Death Book’ has it all.

What keeps you up at night?

University of the Underground asked Glamcult about our deepest, darkest fears.

Nails for days, honey

ISLA Berlin on trends, inspiration and building communities.

Flashback: Sevdaliza at ADE

Catch a glimpse of the artist’s ‘Russian Roulette’.

This art-meets-fashion collab will keep you ticking

Komono joins forces with 10 international artists.

Meet the 24 Dutch design talents of 2018

‘Platform Talent’ captures a new creative generation.

Glamcult’s guide to ADE 2018

Your to-do and to-dance list starts here.

Let go of your ADE stress with MADE.COM

The design platform celebrates Amsterdam’s young nightlife icons.

In conversation with Kate Cooper

“We are all alienated—but have we ever been otherwise?”

Why you should experience ‘Robot Love’

This exhibition will literally get under your skin.

Rising artist Keyezua turns prejudice on its head

In anticipation of UNSEEN, we sat down with one of its most promising photographers.

In conversation with Paul Mpagi Sepuya

The artist talks queerness, literature, visibility and his new show at Foam Amsterdam.

In conversation with film artist Robert Fox

“A pinch of salt and a pristine finish is enough impact to last a lifetime.”

Lawrence Lek performs the future before it exists

The artist’s zerø-star Nøtel embodies a fully-automated luxury.




A love story by Michael the III

“Last night I tried something new.”

An introduction to Countess Malaise

“I’m serving you raw and sincere energy with a side of horny goth…”

Juliana Huxtable and the desire to be

In conversation with the artist, performer, DJ, writer and nightlife icon.

Festival flashback: KABK Grad Fest

The new graduates of the Royal Academy of Art take a step into the future.

Catch the latest art talents at the KABK Grad Festival

The Hague’s art students invite you to their world.

Redefining queer portraiture in Russia

Margo Ovcharenko discusses growing up bisexual, Moscow’s art scene and chocolate babka.

Think outside the box with The New Originals

The fresh Dutch collective releases a brainy new film.

Eytys releases Tom of Finland sneaker

The definition of “worn with pride”.

Hutspot releases first collection and photo collab

Three emerging talent capture a brand new clothing line.

The power of protest (as seen on screen)

Don’t miss the last week of revolutionary film at EYE Filmmuseum.

Telemagic preaches the beauty of technology

Plug into the future at Lente Kabinet 2018.

Why you should follow James Spencer

Both the artist and his work are 100% worth it.

“I’m only happy when I’m naked”

Japanese photographer Tokyo Rumando on nostalgia, darkness and not fearing anything.

Glamcult’s five film favourites at EYE this month

Don’t miss a second of the revolutionary ‘1968’ programme.

“Re-manipulate to re-engage”

Art talents Lou Buche, Kevin Bray and Messgewand join forces at Lente Kabinet 2018.

Duran Lantink brings his world to Lente Kabinet

Meet the first artist lined up for our festival collab.

Why you need to see ‘Fashion Cities Africa’

Tropenmuseum Amsterdam celebrates pluralism in fashion.

This huge exhibition will get you (pleasantly) dazed

Enter ‘The Gallery Divine’ at the KABK.

Meet the ‘Children of Graceland’

Ace & Tate presents a photography project by Hayley Louisa Brown.

“The characters I depict are all parts of me”

In conversation with spellbinding filmmaker Emma Westenberg.

“Cock, cock.. who’s there?”

Samira Elagoz confronts the trauma of #metoo.

Deciphering design with Amy Suo Wu

“My practice mirrors my diasporic identity.”


Ace & Tate makes its Dutch Design Week debut

Zoom in and discover a fresh perspective on design.

This design exhibition shows no finished work

Explore the ways of 32 emerging talents at Dutch Design Week.

The robotic art of Omri Bigetz

“I explore computer-generated humans: who they are, how they look, and how we feel about them.”

Can technology replicate intimacy?

Nicole Pérez explores the future meaning of affection.

Your Glamcult guide to Unseen Amsterdam

The photo festival is back. This is what you should see.

“It’s great not to feel weird for a change”

Don’t miss out on Amsterdam’s Trans*gender Film Festival.

“Experiencing art face-to-face shouldn’t be underestimated”

The nine-to-five (and beyond) of Foam curator Mirjam Kooiman.


On track at ‘The Wild’

Why Oscar Peters built a rollercoaster in an Amsterdam art space.

“Always remember, Facebook is not a source”

We asked Dutch writer Meredith Greer what to indulge in this summer.

The best reads of young writer Katrice Dustin

The multi-disciplinary talent lists her all-time favourite novels.

A first-hand impression of the KABK’s grad fest

Katarina Juričić captures graduation galore at The Hague’s Royal Academy of Art.

These photographers are sure you won’t forget their work

Roger Ballen and Asger Carlsen present ‘No Joke’.


Anouk van Klaveren adds critical quirk to jewellery design

Imke Ligthart captures the designer’s sculpted treasures.

See all sides of creativity at the KABK’s grad festival

The Hague’s art school is even hosting a football match.

The feminist tapestries of Erin M Riley

Turning your intimate moments into art.

Ottolinger fashions Lukas Hofmann’s moving tale

Berlin’s rising brand and the performing artist team up.

DIY a film that turns you on

Jennifer Lyon Bell provides the tips and tricks of erotic filmmaking.

Injecting skin with emancipation

Get to know queer tattoo talent Shalva Nikvashvili.

Your Amsterdam weekend get-downs

How to end your week on a high note [❌❌❌ ]

Why erotic cinema matters

And where to take your next date.

Meet the creative mind behind Gucci’s viral memes

Yuyi John wants you to think beyond the rules.

Glamcult goes to Venice

A dazzling mix of art, pop music, fashion and Fabian.

You’re invited to ‘Cinema Erotica’

EYE Amsterdam presents a thrilling cinema of longing.


French artist Niark1 adds some BOO! to Bugaboo

We chatted to the artist about his monstrous designs.

This exhibition pays homage to the screensaver

Rafaël Rozendaal breathes new life into the digital discipline.


Hannah Hill heals your heart, one stitch at a time

“I want more people to feel loved and like they belong in the world.”


Glamcult’s guide to Motel Mozaïque festival

Expect the unexpected as Rotterdam turns into a stage for rising talent.

An exclusive preview of Extra Extra’s new issue

The ‘Nouveau Magazine Erotique’ offers a cool but sensual experience.

Indulge in the rebirth of opera

Opera Forward Festival welcomes the future to the stage.

Adam Helms merges art with psychology

Explore the notions behind his Amsterdam exhibition.

Fall in (cyber) love with Goys & Birls

The art collective reveals its debut magazine this Saturday.

A Glamcult guide to Sonic Acts Festival

Face the future of art, music and science.


Jordan Wolfson unveils TRUTH/LOVE

“I am a totally narcissistic victim of my own brain.”

Go beneath the surface of surface at HNI

“Chairs lie. Dashboards deceive.”


‘This. my body’ expo explores (hyper)sexuality

Florian Joahn and Jean Paul Paula present joint exhibition.

The faces of the Royal Academy of Art

Glamcult spent an (open) day in The Hague.

‘The Noise of Being’ questions the meaning of being human

Envision the terrific/horrific narratives of an uncanny world.

Galerie Ron Mandos presents Jan ♥ Boris

A provocative expo spanning decades, nations and communities.

“A unique, bewildering viewing experience”

Gc contributors Sofie and Maarten unveil solo exhibition.

“Figures under the sun”

Sanja Marusic presents a technicolor world of floating bodies and shapes.

“Madness in the most blissful place”

ICK Amsterdam welcomes you to (question) paradise.

Why the North of England matters to fashion

This all-star exhibition provides the evidence.

Matt Lambert teams up with Grindr for ‘Home’

Take a sneak peek into the artist’s dim-lit new book.

Ace & Tate present a vibrant new space

Take a virtual walk through the new Maastricht hotspot.

Young filmmaker Donna Verheijden to exhibit at De School

Dance, dream and rethink your desires with De School and Glamcult.

“Bold, colourful and gutsy”

Ace & Tate team up with Gino Bud Hoiting and invite you to their new flagship store in Maastricht.



Foam opens Harley Weir’s first solo show

Come face-to-face with the photographer’s personal work.

“Run free through the park until death do us part”

All-round artist Melanie Bonajo talks art and club culture.

Wolfgang Tillmans reflects on (finding) happiness

Indulge in colour on the artist’s new visual album.

Dior collabs with artist Mat Collishaw

See his revamp of the Lady Dior bag here.

“A place to find talent”

Engage with the freshest creative faces at Connections.

Jordan Wolfson creates “seductive yet repulsive” spectacle

See the New Yorker’s first Amsterdam exhibition at the Stedelijk.

Enter the surreal labyrinth of Friends Only

In this exhibition the Internet is EVERYWHERE.

Talk art with a new generation of artists

The Ace & Tate Creative Fund invites you to a day of inspiring talks.

Amie Dicke unveils ‘Sucking Stones’

Artistic instinct, anonymity and 400 pots of make-up come alive.

Darja Bajagić merges the brutal and beautiful

“‘Extreme’ is subjective, anyway…”

A panoramic, otherworldly exhibit

Savour “dreamlike aesthetics” at Anouk Griffioen’s Rotterdam expo.

Shop in style at Ace & Tate Antwerp

Browse the best bits of the Belgium store opening party.

Get ready for a new round of Dutch Design Awards

Celebrating the very best of Dutch design.

Enjoy art while clubbing

De School and the Stedelijk Museum present Tijdgenoten #1.

“I am the reflection of your dream”

A trance-like world of beauty and the female form awaits.

Heleen Blanken and Peter Van Hoesen present ADE artwork

Techno meets art history at the former house of Rembrandt.

Ace & Tate teams up with Jordy van den Nieuwendijk

See the artist’s bright work at the brand’s first Belgian store.

Cecile B. Evans divulges a quirky parallel universe

Questioning the relationship between humans and technology.

Discover Amsterdam’s finest art graduates

SELECTED showcases this year’s young Rietveld geniuses.

Anohni gets real with art exhibition in Germany

The acclaimed creator invites you to My Truth.

Why you should know the Bernadette Corporation

Now showing at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

The bodily landscapes of Louisa Gagliardi

This rising artist will amuse your innermost kinks.

Nursery rhymes with a queer twist

Get to know trans performance art duo DarkMatter.

The microcosms of Louise Bourgeois

Step into the artist’s cells at the Guggenheim.

Meet the master of vagina art

Stephanie Sarley doodles for a greater cause.

Drinking for equality

British designers customise Absolut bottles for LGBTQ charity.

This artwork could be yours to keep

Pick it, wrap it, rent it, love it.

Exclusive: Dior collaborates with Doug Abraham

Your favourite Instagram artist does it again.

“Art versus fashion”

A visual essay by Julia et Vincent in collaboration with the artist Antoine Grulier.

Their beautiful dark twisted fantasy

Why you need to see the KABK fashion show.

Ping pong for the sake of art

Get your game on at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

The tabula rasa of Lisette Ros

“Fashion people do their utter best to conceal feelings of emptiness…”

Hanna Putz thrives on pleasure, thought and doubt

A quick chat with the ambassador of Ace & Tate’s Creative Fund.

Cakeboy explores the meaning of ‘male’ culture

“I think de-centralizing the way white people experience the world is really important.”

Birthing brilliance

‘How to create’ with Ace & Tate’s creative board.

Micah Hesse blends animation with reality

Capturing the ambiguous relationship between growth and happiness.

Feeling the ceiling

A short introduction to the artist Anne Speier.

Exploring summertime sadness

The passing of time as seen by Roe Ethridge.

Interview: Jake & Dinos Chapman

“If we were plumbers working together we might have killed each other by now.”

Short Stories by Anja Niemi

One of the very last exhibitions on peel-apart film.

Hardcore cinema

Showroom MAMA takes gabber to the big screen.

Translating society to sculpture

Art on the intersection of on-screen and off-screen.

Pubic hair as workwear

Centraal Museum explores the role of human hair in fashion and art.

Exploring sexuality on stage

Gender b(l)ending theatre at Festival de Keuze.

Cindy Sherman in Berlin

The one and only selfie goddess.

Wanna be on top?

Become the New Dutch Designer of 2016!

Joe Hamilton

The artist offering all destinations we ever dream of.

X BANK opens with a bang

A new hub for the Dutch creative industry and beyond.

XYZ through the eyes of Peter Marino

Revisiting the iconic Robert Mapplethorpe.

“tbh i dunno if i have feelings”

Emerging artist Ben Elliot celebrates first solo show in Paris.

A love story between space and object

Saskia Noor van Imhoff opens exhibition at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

Profile: Isa Genzken

Isa Genzken always wanted the courage to do “totally crazy, impossible, wrong things.”

Damien Girard

Snapshots to dream your Sunday away.

Ed Atkins on the digital era, CGI and magic

“Mine is a responsive, discursive position…”

Interview: Tianzhuo Chen

this artist on rave culture and religious cult.

In conversation with Peter De Potter

From white thugs and newspaper clippings to dogs and dicks.

Matt Lambert: the future of sex

“Youth, sex, love, relationships, etcetera.”

Interview: Elmgreen & Dragset

20 subversive years in the art world.

Interview: Eva & Adele

The art world’s favourite bald couple teach us about the art of futuring.